Day 610: Alcohol Free

It was 610 days ago that my husband and I had our last drink.  Oddly enough, it was one day after Independence day, the definition of Irony.   Well, the night started slow enough at one of our favorite hangouts, then transferred locations to hear a DJ friend play at yet another favorite dive.  Beer led to more beer, then on to shots and mixed drinks.  After the party really began, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker came out in full force.  Well, after much insisting on my end, we finally left the bar only to argue about who would drive home.  I lost.  Thankfully nobody died that night and we made it home relatively safe.  One thing led to another and the fighting ensued.  The police were called,  restraining orders issued, and the dryout began.

Looking back on the last year and a half, there has only been a few times the urge to drink has hit.  Each time that night is replayed with such vividness that any need or want to take a drink disappears.

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