Next Chapter…

Ever have the feeling that someone dropped you in the middle of the woods and said …. Have fun… Then left.  That is a little how I felt yesterday when I lost my job without cause.
Facing the world yet again as a single mom, trying to stay afloat, however this time, no income. What to do, what to do.
Well, they say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, but wait, where is the water and the sugar.  That is the best part, just most of us forget how to add it to the mix, me included. The water is the cool refreshing gift of eternal life from Jesus Christ and the sugar, your family and friends. Many times we forget to use all the ingredients at our disposal and the lemonade turns out dry and bitter, so we are forced to start over again.
And thus, begins the new life and hopefully, if you keep reading, a new series of posts from yours truly, giving you a glimpse into the new beginnings and challenges that lay ahead. With God and the love of those around me, it will be the best story of my life.

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