Be strong

Almost everyone has had that spouse, close friend, or family member that would be fine either way if ties with you were broken.  The thought that someone would not blink an emotional eye by losing you from being in their life is painful. Be strong.  Move on. Unless of course you are simply a horrible or drama filled person, then shame on you.  Whatever the case may be, you should step back and evaluate your relationships.

I recently had to reflect on what matters most in my life, children, family, close friends, and how I approach and treat them. My conclusion? I genuinely care about those I surround myself with. I can count my close friends on both hands. I would kill for my children, stand up for and fight for my family and friends. Just ask them.  So, when I am told that no emotional pain would come to one of those people if I were to be absent from their life….. Shocked, crushed, angry, are a just few of the feelings I felt. And because you should never make an important decision based on emotion, I stopped.  At that point they were not worth my tears or harsh words.

Now, I am sure that the first question is: “who was it?” Does it really matter? No. However, my point in this writing is not to place blame or ‘call out’ anyone.  I write because there are others in the same position I am in and sometimes it helps to know you are not alone.  That it is ok to purge the negativity from their life and feel good about it. Let them know how you feel, let them know that the ball is in their court, and if they really want you in their life, they will fight for that friendship/relationship with you. The pain is going to be bad; however, you will come out stronger for going through it. If, by chance, you believe you are or might be that person, make a choice. It is that simple.

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