Social Media Complaint

It used to really bother me when people would vent via social media and I guess on some level it still does. However, it is only certain type of venting. For example, when calling out another person, shaming someone human or animal, or spewing judgmental words and hate. Social Media gets a bad rap often times for good reason. If you focus on the positives though, it is such a great tool.

The main goal for me is to keep in contact with family and friends both near and far. Our lives are so busy; we many times do not have the opportunity to visit with someone just down the street. Family, work, and household upkeep consume a large portion of our day. Sleep is a must and even though it is nearly nonexistent, time for ourselves.  Additional reasons are sharing a news story, local business promotion, favorite recipes, or even a humorous meme.

Social media should not be used for bashing, porn, stalking, or whining even though that is the main focus for some. Most social media platforms come with an option to purge those who misuse them or at least the option to not see their ranting. When used productively, social media is engaging, informational, and entertaining. Let’s all just get along.

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