Insomnia Epiphany

17163909_sInsomnia has a way of wrecking that peaceful, quality sleep you had in mind when you went to bed. Whatever woke you up leaves skid marks on your brain so that getting back to sleep is nearly impossible until you have cleaned up the mess. This usually entails thumbing through our all the thoughts that just popped into your mind, things you should do at home, work, or in your garden.  For me, it is what I should write about.  The best ideas come when snuggled up next to the love of my life,  my soul mate.  There I am in the dark, ideas that would take home ALL the awards, and I cannot write them down.  Why?  Well, I would have to move out of my cozy spot, turn on a light to find the tools to write with which, in turn, would wake up the sleeping hunk next to me.  So, I am take a chance at writing from my phone, a chance that the light does not wake him.
I use my phone all day for work.  Writing for clients, updating statuses, writing adtorials, sending emails, editing documents,  taking and editing pictures for websites, articles, and advertising.  Never thought about using it to get out my ‘skid marks’. DUH! I must be a genius.  I am sure nobody else had ever thought to do this.  *said with complete sarcasm* It’s an Epiphany!  🙂
Anyhow, I am just happy I don’t have to strain my eyes anymore trying to see the pen marks on the small pad of paper in the dark. Maybe now you will see more of me.

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