How do you write?

I came across a quote today that was dead on! 

“What I had to face, what everyone who wants to be a writer had to learn,  was that a thing in itself may be the finest piece of writing one had ever done, and yet have absolutely no place in the manuscript one hopes to publish.” -Thomas Wolfe

Truth!  A novelist I am not!  I love writing and always have.  However, short stories, articles, (newspapers, magazines), blogging, children’s books, they are more my style.  This year I finally took the challenge,  NanoWrimo, and fell face first on concrete covered in gravel with my hands tied behind my back.  Ouch!  To date, I have started three different titles and have under 3000 words in each.  I froze, blocked right up like your nose when you have a cold.  I still try, pecking away randomly hoping to spark some undiscovered well inside myself, hoping to’catch-up’ to those 25-30 thousands words deep in where I should be in the novel.  It is highly unlikely I know, however, I am still hopeful.
I admit all this to say… , ‘Who Cares! Write anyway.’  Even if it is a paragraph or two.  Write it!  You have to start somewhere.  It is like training for a 10k, you start out walking a lot and running very little. Maybe you never actually run a whole 10k, you never write the novel. So ! At least you tried.  At least you did something. You are farther along then the majority who  ‘think’ about doing it. Even writing bits and pieces are better than nothing at all.  Who knows, they may all form together someday.
Your whole career might pieces of writing that are outstanding. And though they may never become part of the manuscript or novel you want to or ultimately write, you should still be proud you took that first step.  🙂
“Never judge a book by the thickness, but, only by the content.” -Kerry Miller 

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