Happy National Custodian Day

Do you converse with or even acknowledge the custodian/janitor at your place of work? Of your school? If your answer is no, then you, my reader, SUCK!  Custodians are the unsung heroes in our everyday lives.  They keep things running smoothly and most of all clean.  Some may simp41BE-g5IGEL._SY300_ly do it for a paycheck at the end of the week.  Others, however, take pride in those sparkling, white ceramic bowls and that crystal clear looking glass where you fix your hair, eye makeup, and pick broccoli out of your teeth.

Custodians see, hear, and know almost everything in and around the places they work. Mostly in part that they are all but invisible to the busy executive and overloaded student.   For our school children, they know who is being bullied, who is doing the bullying, and can be the best defense those young people have.  Custodians keep an eye out for trouble and are extremely helpful to those of us that treat them with the respect they deserve.

In all cases, they know the secrets, the hidden places in your building. Spaces and places above, below, and inside walls or ceilings. Lost and found items… who do you think has first pick? Being friends with the custodians never comes without its benefits. Plus, they have some pretty interesting stories from working nights while the school or office buildings are empty. school_custodian_mugWhether it is a super scary ghost or a naughty secret of an employee or teacher. Custodians know it all!  If you befriend the custodian and treat them fairly, you might even get to pull the fire alarm for a drill. (If you are honest with yourself, you know that you have always wanted to do that without getting into trouble and minus the actual fire.

So, today, tomorrow, heck- all year long, give a wave and say hi to your friendly (and even not so friendly) custodian!

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