6 things drivers need to figure out before the road rage sets in

Listed below are the 6 things idiot drivers need to figure out before the road rage sets in by law abiding, considerate drivers.

First- Going below the speed limit. In a multiple lane roadway situation, if you are going to go slower than the speed limit or the flow of traffic, get over to the right lane. The left lane is for the cars going faster than you and that need to pass, NOT for your slow ass to hang out in! Seriously folks, it is all about the etiquette.

Second- Merging onto the freeway. What if I told you that the on ramp is designed for you to be at the same speed as the flow of traffic by time you merge onto the freeway? Would you be surprised? If not, good for you for following the rules. If you were surprised, you may want to think about reading up a little about driving.

Third- Blocking the intersection.  JUST DON’T DO IT! If you are one of those people that are in such a rush that you must block the intersection as the light is getting ready to change so you don’t have to wait for the next go around, you are an IDIOT! You are screwing the rest of us that follow the rules of the road.cars-on-interstate-highway-32eef9db1f286e62

Fourth- Rubbernecking. Pretty much ALWAYS a bad idea. If you are a rubbernecker, you are probably the reason for more than one accident. “Oh look, a police officer has someone pulled over, I must see who that is.” Or the popular, “Look, an accident! Let’s slow down to see if there are bodies!”.  STOP IT! Not your monkeys, not your circus!

Fifth- Turning lanes. These are there for you when you are going to turn.  MOVE OVER! The dotted lines are there to let you know you can merge over into the lane so the flow of traffic behind you can continue.  NOT for you to ignore and wait until the last possible minute to turn, slamming on your brakes causing everyone behind you to do the same, breaking the flow of traffic and adding unnecessary wear and tear on our vehicles.

Sixth- Lane Closing.  I saved the best til last… When entering a construction zone and a lane is closed up ahead, there are these great things called flashing signs. These let you know far enough ahead that the lane is closing and you need to merge.  When you wait until the last minute and try to cut in front of the rest of us that have followed the laws of the road and merged, that makes you a giant ass.  Don’t be an ass, follow the rules. Oy Vey!

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