Time traveler wanna-be?

Today is National Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. My question… why must we set aside only one day a year for this.  At what point must we lose the innocence and wonder to pretend to be a time traveler everyday like when we wtime-travel-in-phone-boothere young.  As a self proclaimed ‘Whovian’, I say NAY! Nay to only having one day a year to pretend to be something super fun and creative.  When we stop being young, that is when we become old.  Only a lucky few get to revert back to the young after becoming old.  Myself, I plan to never get to the old.

Now, in contrast, we must mature in our thinking, grow up enough to become productive members of society and hold down a career, dare I say ‘Adulting’.  (I shudder even typing the word.) In order to raise productive members in society out of the little clones of ourselves, we must ‘grow up’ to an extent.  However, keeping the wonder, imagination, and pretend play alive is a sure fire way to raise those little dickens to love life and hopefully stay forever young.

Too often we become complacent in our lives, hum drumming along in our careers and life in general.  Maybe throw in a vacation or two and hope to hell that you enjoy it a little.  When you stop loving life, you start to actually grow old.  Yuck! You can be 80 and still be young.  Sometimes our bodies stop us from accomplishing the goal to stay young whether from bad genes or some freak skiing accident.  But, all in all, keeping the mind fresh, learning new things daily, doing puzzles, and exercising to whatever extent help keep humans in their prime.


Animals do much the same thing for people.  Ever go in to a nursing home to find a few stray cats lolly gagging about or the mascot puppy dog?  They are there for the residents, to keep them engaged in life.  Animals almost always bring out the best in people (well, unless you are a fraidy cat-no pun intended).

So, pretend away today. Be in a rocket ship during your daily commute, just keep to the speed limit and wear your safety belt. 🙂  Get the kiddos to play along, pick out some constellations, travel to an unknown planet and name it, or travel in time to when little Johnny graduates from college to be a doctor.  The sky’s the limit!


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