Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Who has ever heard this before? How well has it worked out? I am batting  6 out of 8 currently.  Only a couple of jobs that really didn’t bring joy into my life honestly.  So, all in all I believe this to be truth.

Writing has always been a love of mine and truthfully I believe I rock at it.  All varieties, from technical to creative to informative, I love it all!  If only I could get paid to do it, right? Well, I could, I guess.  Maybe if I was a bit younger or lived in the right area.  So for now, I will just continue to write here, in my own personal little world of Karebear’s Bits.  Gracing all of you many readers with my wit, questions of the universe, and unbridled knowledge.  I know, I know, how can I give away these priceless bits of wisdom for free?  I should be charging admission to this stuff.  Well, I want to give back to the masses, to the less fortunate that don’t have the privilege of being in my presence on a daily basis.  It is a public service really.I-Work-Because-1280x1024

Someday, when I am rich and famous, you can say you were there from the get-go. Lucky you. 😉

Have confidence in yourself and you will find that happy spot.

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