A New Normal

Ever had the brakes put on suddenly in life only to crash anyway?  Or feel like you ran face smack into a unforgiving wall of brick and mortar?  The thing about those ‘accidents’ is that life never goes on as it was.  Whether it was a loss of life, job layoff or termination, or maybe the end of or change of a relationship.  From that moment on, there becomes a new normal.

Now many of us throw our hands in the air yelling ‘STOP’! No, no, no.  Things were fine. Please turn back the hand on that antique timeStop Cartoon.pngpiece.  Some of you changelings are giggling or outright laughing at me this moment.  The rest are nodding their noggins in agreement.  I am the latter, the ‘no change until I initiate it’ individual.  Whelp, it sucks to be us, because life doesn’t really care much, it just happens.

Currently, there is a new normal happening in my space that has been quite the little adjustment.  A metamorphosis in my job or contracts doesn’t really phase me much.  I can work in almost any situation and adapt to those surroundings. (because I am amazing in case you were pondering this) In contradistinction,  changes in my personal life tend to initiate the emotional flood gates to open.

So my new normal, in my own crass terms, can ‘Kiss my Irish ass’.  This too shall pass, I know, I know.

keep-calm-it-s-the-new-normal-2What we do and how we hold ourselves in the mist of provocation moments speaks so loudly to, not only those in our space, but to our very core.  Think before you speak, take a deep breath before you think, and look at things from all sides, not just your emotional one.  So what if you have that inscrutable stare to your eyes for a fleeting moment. Stop.  Gain footing. Possibly one of the hardest things to do for the majority of us and also one of the most intelligent.

Then, find your new normal because you are in control of you.  Not your place of employment, who loves you, or who lives and dies… just you.  And hopefully your new normal will be a walk in the park until the next brick wall jumps up from out of nowhere.


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