My Little Social Media Rant

OMGosh!! What a bunch of whiny 2 yr olds!! If you are Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Jewish, Shiite, Transgender, Bisexual, Homosexual, Heterosexual, Young, Old, Middle aged, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, or a hundred other identities we have created- Being a dick on Bookface (or any other social media) isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. It is simply causing butthurt, broken relationships.
“I am going to delete people because they have their own opinion.” Good for you. Announcing it gives you validation I guess.
Maybe, just maybe, adults could act like adults (or maybe like little kiddos that are not corrupt enough to look past differences) for a moment and be thankful that we are not all the same.
Whether you support the left wing, right wing, or indepc2d2e8248e0b9938f772ff4a3174fd30endents shouldn’t matter when sitting down at the dinner table together. It isn’t new that people in one group or country hate another group or country. Look back thousands of years and that hasn’t changed. So, your slander of one group or another just makes you look and sound like an asshole.
Many countries have banned other countries citizens from entering, where was all this pent up rage then? The media is driving a huge wedge between peoples, nations, families, friends, and it needs to stop. Actually research shit, listen to the real news (not a partisan), not depend on bookface for your daily digesting of world happenings and form your own opinion whether voting or not. Then, just be a good neighbor. Say Hello, shake hands, wave goodbye, love, care, give, help, hug, kiss, and let people be who they are as long as they are not causing physical harm.
Don’t be a sheep, open your eyes, prepare, and be a good person. You are only in control of yourself.
pink-heart-outline-clipart-aTexGLAT4So, feel free to delete me from your friends list or unfollow me if I have offended you. Thankfully we all still have rights to click buttons and such.
I am going to keep moving forward, loving and helping my neighbor no matter their views, and letting go of the negative. – Kerry ‘Karebear’ Miller

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