A Better Footing

There is some thing about sitting in the sun,  on a beach, listening to the crashing of the waves that brings about clarity. Lucidity of thoughts, soul, and mind. A renewing of sorts that melts away all the junk collected during the week, months,  or years that is gained by few other environments.

For me,  the sun gives hope.  A fresh outlook.  Maybe it is the much desired vitamin D boost your body craves for sanity.  Or maybe the lightening of the stress evaporating in its beautiful rays. Whatever the cause, I am grateful. These last few months have been such a trying and tumultuous time. Gaining new contracts, scheduling classes & training, and the queen of all, relationships. Of which, the ups and downs will make a person crazysun4 with over thinking.

Today should be a work day, lots to accomplish. However, I knew what was needed to ensure a bit of sanity for the week to come. The sun. Me, a towel, the sand, the waves, and the Sun! Boy was I on target! Praise God for the light that separates the day and night. The only thing missing is my clan, my boys and my furbaby.

Although,  I must admit, the distinctness of crazy, that has been these last few months, has caused me to begin writing again. And it has been outstanding. Sometimes we need that shake up to put things in the right perspective and to gain a better footing.


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