How Gratitude Changes the Brain – By Sarah Chauncey

Kindness Blog

The thing about living in Canada is that we have (sort of) two Thanksgivings.

Americans probably don’t notice ours, which comes in early October, but it’s impossible to miss the cascade of Facebook posts, news articles and—if nothing else—the onslaught of holiday music that marks American Thanksgiving.

A few years ago, a friend said,

“to me, every day is Thanksgiving.”

(Except, I’m assuming, without the turkey, stuffing and political fights).

At the time, that seemed kind of radical, though after five years of daily gratitude-journal practice, and two years of exchanging nightly “3 gratitude” emails with a friend, I feel the same way. It really is embedded—dare I say wired—into me. Even when I feel crappy, I can always find something good that lifts my mood, if only briefly. That’s the cumulative effect of regular gratitude practice. It rewires the brain.

The caveat is that the feeling has to come from within. I…

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