There’s an elephant in the room…

Most of us have heard the term, ‘There’s an elephant in the room.’, however, the majority tend to ignore the poor pachyderm until he grows gigantic and stumbles around making a mess. When in reality, if someone would have just passed around the peanuts, the cleanup would have been kept to a minimum.  A few shells on the floor are nothing compared to broken feelings and holes in hearts.  The things left unsaid are usually the most damaging.

Throughout my 40+ years on this earth, both the practice of neglecting and recognizing the infamous creature have played about in front of me.  Truth be told, my person is usually the most boisterous about such matters.  Why let it hang about causing stress and clouded judgement? Talk about… Adult. In the mist, let there be safekeeping of opinions. Each of us have them. And nay-saying one’s opinion feeds it, it does not change it to met our own.  Most often, the issues at hand can be resolved in an amicable manner. There, of course, are bound to be blow ups and clamoring on that leads nowhere pleasurable.

Still, communicating there is contention will nonetheless keep lines open and allow closure when appropriate, agree to disagree.  Being honest is ALWAYS the best policy.  With honesty comes the inability to question. To know where both sides stand. Character of truth. Lies and deceit breed more of the same, giving life to a vicious circle that will consume and hardened the hearts involved.

How many families would still be together, siblings still friends, marriages still tied in a knot if the lines of communication were allowed the flowing freedom of feelings without the hostility hovering in wait.

Is there an elephant among you? Allow it to forage freely without fear of bloodshed.

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