Rise and shine, just not at 2am!

So for the last week or so, my body has been up to its old antics, 2-3am rise and shine. What is that all about?  Well, I did a little research into the issue.  Most of which was not super helpful to me personally because I do not change well, however, may help some of you. Here are the top 5…cocktail-8959

#1 Don’t drink a few hours before bed if you can help it.  I can’t, truth be told, I like a drink or two before falling into the slumber sleeper.  The problem here is this… a good whiskey or vodka on the rocks may help you doze off, however, as the alcohol metabolizes it prevents you from the much needed REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep required for restful shut-eye.  So, keep the keggers for ‘Happy Hour’.

bad_back_drama.gif#2 It may be your outdated bedstead, bad back, or arthur-itis (that jerk) settling in.  First, take a trip to your friendly neighborhood chiropractor to crackle your bones back into place.  Next, maybe a visit to Doc Brown to check on those jostled joints.  Saving the best and more costly for last, that cot you call a bed.  It might be time to break open the piggy bank and splurge a little for your spine.

#3 Are you too toasty?  Studies say that overheating throughout the night can caused those baggy browns in the am.  Maybe the heat is too high in your abode, or it could be those antidepressants you’re popping because of the pushy boss of yours.  If neither of these fit you, it might be wise to walk on down to the clinic and have the estrogen and testosterone levels checked in the chassis.  Low levels of both can cause sweats and overheating which lead to fewer than forty winks.

#4 That pesky bladder is on the move.  Thankfully our bodies, or most of our bodies jolt us awake before that tinkle hits the sheets. Drinking a glass of H2O is healthy before sawing logs, however, our new healthy eating habits are depriving us of the unprocessed salt needed to help our cell soak up that aqua during the night.  Just a pinch should do the trick, mixed into the liquid gold or right off the salt block. Your choice.


#5 My favorite, Stress. This sleep bandit can be caused by a hoard of issues. Friends, family, work, financial, with a plethora trailing along behind.  If you are anything like me, you will wake up , then keep yourself awake with ALL the things. Overthinking and over-caring can scare the sandman away because… who wants a piece of that action? Nobody!

cant-sleepI realize that there are many things that you can’t brush under the rug or ignore. There are a few that you can control. My motto, “Not my monkeys, not my circus!” Friends or family being dumb or pissy due to the weather, oh well. Take a long walk, sit under the stars, or watch the waves crash the beach (if you live close enough) and let it go. You cannot help how others act, just don’t contribute. Easier said than done, but doable nonethelessSmiles.

So Happy Hibernation folks! Here’s to another sleepy/less night!

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