Feelings have to be one of the most fragile of all the things.  So simple that they can be hurt by a look, single word, or an image, yet are so complicated in the way they heal.  For some, it may take a lifetime for hurt to heal, for the pain of the flame to stop burning inside the heart, or the whispers of doubt to clear the mind.  The feelings attached to the one you love; your partner, spouse, or significant other seems to be the most fragile of all.

When our child(ren) disobey, talk back, or lie, our feelings get hurt.  We are upset with them and we may punish them for the hurt they caused, hopefully explaining how to prevent those mistakes.  It may take only a few minutes, hours, or days to heal from the smaller instances.  Those on a larger scale such as stealing, hitting, and public exhibition, that may take longer to move past and let go.

Hurt feelings in friendships can take a bit longer to move on from depending on the nature and cause of the pain.  The variables are numerous and make the outcome of forgiveness and healing infinite.  The chances for a full recovery are better the least severe the hurt and length of the friendship.  In contrast, the more severe the hurt and longer the relationship, the deeper and lengthened the healing process.

However, the feelings attached to an intimate love are the most difficult to understand and take the longest to heal. So much is shared between partners that supersede friendships and offspring relationships.  You are most vulnerable to that person, letting your guard down, in turn showing the very things you are afraid of, your darkest side, and, your most compassionate ways.

I say all this in effort to cause critical thinking.  You may read it over and wonder, “Does she think this is new information?”.  No.  I simply hope that whatever is going on in your life, that you think long and hard before making a decision that could hurt another individual.  Keep those safe that you care about, that you profess love for.  One mistake, one hurt feeling could be the end of a relationship. And always make sure you say you are sorry.

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