Think about it…


I have flown a hundred times in my short lifetime amd it still amazes  me that we can take a large, bulky, metal object filled with fragile lives, lift it into the atmosphere and transport the vessel thousand of miles using currents of wind.
How amazing we were created! We sent people to the moon, cured so many diseases and found ways to grow human tissue in a petri dish. ☺ Our resilence to plagues, war, and inhumanity still leaves me in awe.
Of course there is always the flip side of the positive aspects about our species, filled with hate, evil acts, and assorted other negativity,  but… look past all that. We are pretty darn Awesome!
Think about it… Each of us exists encased inside a pliable, soft, fragile form. Our only defense against the elements is a very thin layer of easily damaged material that protects the (fragile) components that give us life. Each working together with exact synchronicity to keep these shells upright. Not to mention the large mass of entwined neurons and synapses that work in such a way to process thoughts, store memories, and create new ideas.  Don’t even get me started that we can create another being with our bodies, having a life grow inside,  sustaining that live with our own.  Wow!
How can we not be amazed?
If that doesn’t grab you,  then take a gander at a sunrise,  a plant grow from a tiny seed, or maybe a rainstorm as it crosses the plains. Honestly, I have the hardest time believing it was all by chance, a wild coincidence that we came to be. I wholeheartly believe in science,  what we learn from it,  gain from it.  However, the perfect way all life… from plants,  to oceans, sky,  animals,  and humans works together with such harmony, how can the mere notion of a creator but scoffed at? If the’Big Bang’ is possible,  then so could creation.  To absolutely cross that of the possibilities list would be egotistical and ludicris at best.
But,  those are just my thoughts… 😉 ❤

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