Spring… a rebirth of the soul


Spring Easter bordersSpring time in northern Michigan….time to purge all the pent up dust from the long winter, clean out the closets, and get to work on cleaning up the yard.  Seeing children out playing and riding bikes, more folks enjoying walks along our shorelines and streets enjoying an ice cream in the midday sun.  Take a deep breath of fresh air and think Spring.   Ahhhh…..

It seems more resolutions are made this time of year than any other on self betterment also. Losing weight, toning up, prepping for that coveted ‘beach-body’ are in full swing. Though winter sports are popular here in our area, spring seems to be the ‘time’ to get into shape. I know for myself, the sun and extended daylight hours are motivators.  The winter months are difficult for me mostly because of the lack of sunlight and the extreme cold which seems to bring on depression. I live for spring and summer. Love them.  It is definitely reflected in my being and my mood.  Anyone that knows me can relate I am sure.

Spring, the nevideosongwness and rebirth of all that hibernates for the winter; trees, animals, and even some people.  You can get lost observing the squirrels running around chasing each other and birds fluttering through the branches donning newly grown buds becoming twitterpated.  If you sit still for a moment, the music of the world around you sings with awakening and rejuvenation.  The melody is intoxicating.

The start of coffee on the front porch and dinner on the patios…. spring.  Such anticipatcoffee cupion in the air, looking ahead to summer with days spent on the water, camping, and long bike rides. And spring is the beginning of it all.  A fresh start all around, a sense of peace through a light rain giving life to a lifeless ground.
So bring on the sun and happy days of spring, enjoy your family and take a walk through the woods breathing in new life and refreshing your soul.


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