Be Kind… Don’t Be A Dick

indexI realized today that though I may feel anger and resentment toward someone for wrongs committed against my family, friends or self, I still do not want to see them suffer because I am not a dick. I would give the shirt off my back, shelter and food to ensure a certain level of comfort. Now that does not mean I would stand in the way of karma. On the contrary, what is good for the goose is definitely good for the gander. In the last few months there have been a few people that have fallen into this category. Though the temptation is still there to retaliate and stoop to their level, nope… Don’t Be A Dick!

You never really know where someone is at in their life story.  Whether your best friend or the cashier at the grocery store, think before you react. Don’t talk behind someones back. Say please and thank you. If someone is rude to you, be kind. Don’t be a dick. Maybe something happened this morning that turned their world upside down. Maybe their anxiety level is skyrocketing.  Nobody wants to seem or feel weak, so often times words are left unspoken to save face.

So… next time you want to give that very deserving person ‘What for’, Don’t be a dick. Be kind, you will feel better. Smile

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